1903 Rudge-Whitworth No 1 Aero-Special


Priced at 16 guineas, the Aero-Special was Rudge-Whitworth’s leading model and one of the world’s top bicycles. To compare it with other top machines, the Dursley-Pedersen and Sunbeam were the same price, a Centaur Featherweight Cross frame was 19 guineas, and Humber’s top of the range model was £22 10/-. I don’t have a 1903 catalogue to compare a Raleigh X Frame, but its price was reduced from £25 to £15 guineas sometime between 1900 and 1907.

Rudge-Whitworth advertised the No 1 Aero-Special Light Roadster as “a complete roadster with cotterless oval cranks, free-wheel, two rim brakes” and weighing 25lb. This one has no mudguards, making it 1lb lighter.

It used the same frame and parts as the No 3 Aero-Special Road Racer, except the latter had dropped handlebars.

It’s in good all-round condition and ready to ride.

1903 Rudge-Whitworth No 1 Aero-Special

23″ Frame

28″ Beaded Edge Wheels

Front & back cable rim brakes

(Now sold)