1914 Royal Sunbeam for Ladies



As the Company pointed out in its wartime catalogue: ‘The war has brought parcel carriers into fashion.’

With their menfolk away at war, and with every available petrol-driven machine likewise enlisted into service, the faithful bicycle became the primary means of transportation in Great Britain. Women throughout the country used them for everyday jobs and parcel carriers and baskets were fitted wherever possible.

Sunbeam’s standard steel carrier was fitted from new or available to purchase subsequently for the sum of 6/- 6d, and Marston Ltd also sold a more expensive aluminium carrier priced at 10/- 6d.



1914 Royal Sunbeam for Ladies

Two-Speed Epicyclic Gears

25″ Frame

28′ Wheels

Lea Francis Aluminium Rear Carrier

Frame No 126557

(Now sold)


1914 Royal Sunbeam 90





























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