1957 BSA Junior Tricycle Model J1


When BSA, New Hudson and Sunbeam were taken over by Raleigh in 1957, the BSA and Sunbeam names were used for Raleigh’s children’s tricycles. The Sunbeam Winkie was a ‘tot-size’ trike and the BSA Junior J1 was a larger tricycle with 18″ tyres. It was offered at £12 9/- 6d with ‘air-sprung’ tyres or, for an extra 10/-, pneumatic tyres. The distinctive front fork makes the BSA tricycle instantly recognisable.

The J1 model designation had previously been allocated to the BSA Junior Boy’s ‘Parabike’, produced from 1946 to 1953. BSA tricycles of any sort are scarce. It is well-transferred (decalled), with BSA ‘three rifle’ logos applied to the opening boot (trunk) – below – and the tops of each rear mudguard. The transfer on the front of the metal basket is a larger one, taking the place of the head badge (see the photo above).


1957 BSA Junior Tricycle Model J1


WIDTH: 23″


18″ Wheels













1957 BSA TRICYCLE v 1880-1882 BSA OTTO