1890 Royal Singer Safety (81929/28)

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Singer was one of the world’s leading cycle manufacturers by the time the Safety Bicycle was introduced in 1886. The ‘Singer Safety’ went through many incarnations in its first few years, with updated versions being introduced as soon as the company was able to add further innovations. The company invested so much of their profit into developing their bicycles that sometimes as many as four editions of their catalogue were produced in the same year to enable them to introduce new innovations.

This model of the ‘Royal Singer’ was introduced in 1890 for the 1891 season and was a state-of-the-art machine for its time. It was also such a well-built and popular model that it was still being sold in 1893 (see the 1893 Slade catalogue illustration above) despite the fact that many new models had been introduced in the interim years and it would have been considered outdated by then.

1890 Royal Singer Safety

20.5″ Frame

28″ Equal Wheels with cushion tyres

Frame No 81929/28

(Now sold)

This top-of-the-range Singer was restored many years ago to a high standard. An interesting feature is the curved front fork tops, used on the cushion tyre model to provide extra room for the wider rims and tyres. It has been in a museum for some time until my recent purchase, and is ready to ride.