1897 Columbia Racing Tandem

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1897 Columbia Racing Tandem

Owned & Raced by Champion Cyclist J.W Stocks 

(Now sold)

 As you can see from the old photos below, this same bicycle was on display in various bicycle shops at the turn of the century, after its racing career ended.

With the enormous track racing chain wheel fitted it’s obviously not so easy to ride on the road, so an extra chainwheel is included in the sale.

Although an American tandem would normally be fitted with American saddles, as the old photos illustrate, this one was originally used with British saddles.

The two shop photos are also included in the sale.














 1897 Columbia Racing Tandem 3

 1897 Columbia Racing Tandem 1



1897 Columbia Racing Tandem 5


1897 Columbia Racing Tandem 8


1896, 1898 & 1899 COLUMBIA TANDEMS