1900 Royal Enfield Tandem for Lady & Gentleman

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1900 Royal Enfield Tandem for Lady & Gentleman 

Frame: 23″ Front; 21″ Rear

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

Tandems from the turn of the century are not easy to find. A Royal Enfield from 1900 is even rarer – it predates the first Royal Enfield motorcycle, which was announced a year later, in 1901. Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still (and continually) in production.

Albert Eadie sold his fittings machines (ie as separate components) through the Eadie Cycle Co, without badges, while complete machines were badged as Royal Enfield and marketed by the Enfield Cycle Co. This tandem has the company’s first pattern headbadge.

Its stand-out feature is the reinforced head and fork that follows the design of the 1891 George Morris (Referee Cycle Co) patent triple head. I assume the company had to pay patent duties to Morris. The Royal Enfield catalogue mentions “…a detachable stay for rendering the machine suitable and safe for two gentlemen” at an additional £1 cost.

The tandem is an older restoration, in good condition and ready to ride.




















Ringmer, East Sussex