1902-05 Clement Lightweight Racing Bicycle

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Clement & Cie was one of France’s top manufacturers in the early years of cycling, and a leading contender in racing (see above). Adolphe Clement recognized the importance of the automobile, so he merged his company with Humber and Gladiator in 1896, and the new concern became one of France’s major car manufacturers. Clement also understood the importance of advertising, and many beautiful posters were created to advertise the company’s bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Clement was the most prolific vehicle advertiser in the ‘belle epoch’ era.

1902-1905 Clement Lightweight Racing Bicycle

24″ Frame

28″ Wooden Wheels

Aluminium Handlebar

Brooks Saddle

Inch Pitch Chainwheel

Eadie Coaster Brake

(Now sold)


This Clemente ‘piste’ is a fast lightweight machine in good running order. It’s an older restoration. Though the aluminium handlebar has been repaired in the past – aluminium components are inherently weak – it is a rare item.

The 1898 poster below illustrates a Clement bicycle with the same style of fork crown. I’m not absolutely sure of the age of the Clement featured here; I only have access to a 1904 catalogue from this manufacturer, which appears to show a later fork crown style. So this example may be from 1902 or 1903.






1900 clement 1

1899 clement