1915 All-Black Royal Sunbeam for Ladies

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 1915 All-Black Royal Sunbeam for Ladies

25″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

This is a very original 1915 Lady’s Sunbeam, with the exception of the front mudguard which does not have a ‘forward extension.’ This style of front mudguard appeared on all Sunbeams up to 1909, so it has the effect of making the machine look considerably older. I’m not sure if it was a later addition, but it is a fact that during WW1, when this Sunbeam was made, all cycle manufacturers had to use up old stock for their civilian bikes because their factories had been turned over to war production, and most of their male staff had enlisted. So it’s entirely feasible that this All-Black Royal Ladies has always worn her front mudguard short.

The transfers (decals) have faded, the paint has been touched up, the mudguards have been repaired, the Brooks saddle is a little tatty, and she’s a single speed. But she’s a true survivor. She has a wonderful character, as well you might expect for a 99-year-old dame. You could jump on and ride her home.