1915 Triumph Gloria Roadster

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As a result of feedback from their cycle agents, Triumph tried making cheaper machines in 1905, with their ‘Standard’ model. But, of course, everything made in the same factory went through the same expensive processes and quality control; so selling cheaper machines just made their top-of-the-range products look overpriced.

The Gloria Cycle Co was established in Coventry on 5 February, 1898.  I’m not sure at what stage Gloria became a subsidiary of Triumph, but Apparently Triumph moved to a larger factory in 1907, and Gloria bicycles were then built in the old Triumph premises. Triumph’s Gloria Cycle Co was more successful solution to selling bicycles that were cheaper than Triumph Cycle Co‘s own products, while still taking advantage of the company’s top quality reputation, distribution network and agencies worldwide.

Gloria bicycles used a variety of frames and fittings. Some frames came from the Triumph factory – these had their numbers stamped in the usual Triumph location above the bottom bracket; frames from other suppliers had their serial numbers stamped at the top of the seat post. Components on Glorias are likewise a mixture of those made by Triumph and other suppliers, presumably depending on what surplus fittings Triumph had at the time.

Advertisements for Gloria bicycles illustrate normal roller lever brakes, rather than the Triumph handlebar with inverted brake levers that are on this example, which also has a Triumph front brake. The rear brake, mudguards and chainwheel on this machine are ‘bought-in’ items that were commonly used on Glorias.
After long-term dry storage, this Gloria is in good unrestored ‘barn find’ condition cosmetically, i.e. faded paint and the remains of some of its nickel. It has been mechanically restored, and is ready to ride apart from the missing handlebar grips, which I’ll fit if requested by the purchaser. Because it has the Triumph frame it rides as well as any top-of-the-range Triumph, and its inverted levers give it the profile of a 1910s Triumph motorcycle.

1915 Triumph Gloria Roadster

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 73651

(Now sold)

1915 Triumph Gloria 05



1915 Triumph Gloria 08