1918 Raleigh X Frame Tandem (1907 Specification)

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The evolution of the ‘twicer’ shows a decided trend towards domesticity. From being primarily a machine intended to be speedier than a single, and to be ridden by two men, it has now become principally a ‘mixed’ mount, whereon it is man’s chief joy and duty to take out in sweet companionship, his sister, or some other fellow’s sister, or if so lucky, his wife. The trouble, stress and strain, of navigation falls, or should fall, entirely on the male rider, and when hill-climbing has to be negotiated. he can equalise the work falling on his partner by putting in the extra push needed.

-‘The Wheel’ magazine, 24 December, 1898: ‘The New Raleigh Frame’, by E.C

This appears to be a 1907 Raleigh X Frame ‘Model 15’ tandem that was sold (and stamped) in 1918.

Its frame is the same as the illustration in the 1907 Raleigh catalogue and its parts relate to the specifications of that year – its brakes are the early type with return springs, but it has roller lever rod brakes. In 1907, both inverted lever with cables and roller lever with rod brakes were offered. This machine also features eccentric chain adjustment.

My assumption is that more tandems were built up to 1907 than were sold. So even though Raleigh components were subsequently updated, the company kept some older tandems in store, still fitted with by now outdated parts. Those not already numbered were stamped when sold, obviously with the latest numbering. In this case, it also has a Sturmey-Archer ‘Model A’ three speed gear, which was used between 1914 and 1921.



1918 Raleigh X Frame Tandem

Model No 15. 1907 Specification

Sturmey-Archer ‘Model A’ three-speed gear

22″ Frame (front & rear)

28 x 1 3/4″ Wheels

Frame No 607764