1920s Juvenile Velocipede Bicycle


1920s Juvenile Velocipede Bicycle


WIDTH: 17″

HEIGHT: 26.5″

16″ wheels with solid rubber tyres

The interesting thing about this velocipede bicycle is that the front end and main body are identical to a velocipede tricycle. In fact, it was built to accept either a single rear wheel or a tricycle rear axle and wheels so that the manufacturers could supply two models out of one set of fittings. However, the bicycle version was not very popular.

As usual for a 100-year-old riding toy, it’s a bit battered, the stand is wobbly and some bits of the tyres are missing. It’s an adult collectible rather than a kid’s toy! Luckily it retains its attractive original paintwork …and an unpopular model 100 years ago makes it more unusual nowadays.