1923 Ner-a-Car Model B

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1923 Ner-a-Car Model B

(Now sold)

I sold this Ner-a-Car in 2007. It was advertised for sale again in 2016, and a friend bought it. The first two pictures of it are recent, the others are from 2007.


The Neracar was created by Carl A Neracher, built by the Ner-A-Car Corporation in Syracuse, New York in 1921 and also in Sheffield, England later that year.
Carl Neracher acquired a patent for the Neracar in the USA in 1919 and with financing help from razor maker King C. Gillette began production 2 years later.

The Neracar was aimed at people who wanted a comfortable vehicle but couldn’t afford a car. And was advertised as “300 miles for a dollar” and 85-100 miles to a gallon and a speed of 35mph.

It featured a single cylinder 13.5 (221cc) cubic inch engine and used friction drive by means of a fabric coated wheel rubbing a flywheel which causes friction and in turn creates motion and a lever to slide the wheel to different positions for changing ratios and acting as different gears (3 speed).

Also unique to the Neracar was the center hub steering system. The British Neracar was also known as the Sheffield Simplex version, as it was made under license by the Simplex Luxury Carmaker in Sheffield, England. It featured a larger engine 285cc two-stroke, and in 1925 was upgraded to a 350cc engine, known as the Blackburne and Model C.
The American version engine size was increased to 15.5 cubic inch in 1924 and was known as the Model B.

The Ner-A-Car corporation stopped making Neracar’s in the USA, after the 1924 production model, due to lack of popularity. Production also ceased in England in 1926; after a new luxurious and expensive hybrid model failed, the company closed it’s motorcycle division .



This Neracar spent a lot of its life in The East Anglia area. It is in amazing original condition, as you can see from the photos.


The engine turns over, but it hasn’t been started for many years. It is complete and very sound all round.

There’s a V5C registration document and was first registered 7th September, 1923.