1924 Rudge-Whitworth DeLuxe Lady’s Bicycle

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1924 Rudge-Whitworth DeLuxe Lady’s Bicycle

Model No 9

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)


 Apart from a piece of string on the dress-guard on the rear mudguard which needs replacing, everything on this 1924 Rudge-Whitworth is in good condition.

Every part on an early Rudge was unique to the company, so it is completely original except for tyres. As you can see from the photos below, the bicycle features some attractive design details. I particularly like the angular mudguards on these old Rudge bicycles: this style makes them stand out from the crowd; this feature was current on Rudge-Whitworth bicycles until 1931.

Another guide to the age of Rudge-Whitworth bicycles is the frame number: it was stamped under the bottom bracket until 1927, and from 1928 at the top of the seat tube.

You can see the frame numbers of earlier Rudge-Whitworth bicycles on the museum website http://onlinebicyclemuseum.co.uk

This one obviously under bottom bracket.

This DeLuxe lady’s was repainted a long time ago. The handlebar grips are original and usable, though one is worn.

Look further down the page to see the fabulous Rudge-Whitworth oilers – on the hubs and bottom bracket – displaying the famous Rudge-Whitworth ‘Hand’ logo (similar to the head-badge) that you only find on these early models.

Whether you’re interested in this 88-year-old bicycle for investment, as part of your collection, or to use on a regular basis, it fulfils each of these criteria. This beautiful ‘old lady’ is waiting to provide faithful service …at least for another 88 years
















 Something I particularly like about early Rudge-Whitworth bicycles is the oilers with the Rudge-Whitworth ‘hand’ logo. You can see them on the front axle above, bottom bracket, below, and further down the page on the rear axle.