1930s Lines Bros (Tri-ang) ‘Fairycycle’

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Happy are the owners of Fairy Bikes – Velocipedes, Scooters, Tricycles, Coasters – each ride so gracefully, speedily and safely. Only Fairy Bikes are made exactly like you want them and last the way your parents hope they will.

Playtime is always joytime on a Fairy. What fun you can have! Out in the glorious sun, riding here and there in the fresh air, building strong, healthy bodies.

Tell Dad and Mother to get you a Fairy because a Fairy costs no more and is so much stronger and better than ordinary bikes, rides so smoothly and looks so bright and gay.

 – Fairy Cycle Advert

Early Fairycycles had an upright seat tube, as seen in the Lines Bros advert below. From 1923 onwards, Lines Bros catalogues illustrate their Faircycles with sloping seat tubes. To see a pre-1923 example, PLEASE CLICK HERE

1930s Fairycycle 1

1930s Lines Bros (Tri-ang) ‘Fairycycle’

13″ Frame

12″ Wheels with Solid Tyres


Junior Dunlop Saddle

(Now sold)

The term ‘Fairycycle’ became generic after the Fairy, Fay and Colson companies merged in 1917, describing a child’s style of bicycle otherwise known as a ‘pavement cycle’ or ‘park cycle.’

You can see that this example is British because of the style of the front plunger brake and chainwheel. BSA used a similar chainwheel for its Junior range of bicycles. The double down tube is interesting because the top tube is narrower gauge. Adult ladies’ bicycles with a double down tube became popular in the 1930s. Another interesting detail is the chain stays, which have a pronounced curve between the bottom bracket and rear axle. This is mirrored in the curve of the seat stays.

Lines Bros exchanged models with American manufacturers. Over there, where there was a much wider model choice, and children’s toys were styled by the world’s top designers, the Lines Bros bikes and trikes were known as ‘English Style.’

This fairy cycle has been well cared-for, and was restored by its previous owner.


1930s Fairycycle 1



1934 lines bros triang

1930s Fairycycle 1








1930s Fairycycle 1

Come on you chaps! Look at this Fairycycle! With balloon pneumatic tyres, powerful brakes and glittering handlebars – what a bike! What a proud machine to ride! Fancy going out to tea on it! Fancy turning up at school on it! Fancy other chaops crawling round! Yes, you must wangle a Fairycycle.


1930s Fairycycle 1





1930s Fairycycle 1



Old Kent Rd, London


1930s Fairycycle 1