1930s Poirier Voiturette a Volant Tricycle

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The Poirier was a popular tricycle in France for disabled people.

1930s Poirier Voiturette a Volant Tricycle

‘Model F’

(Now sold)

The Poirier 2-speed Model F is a really odd vehicle. It has a steering wheel, gears – reverse! – and brakes …but no pedals or engine. This invalid carriage is the most ‘car-like’ unmotorized vehicle I’ve come across.

It is motivated by moving the steering wheel forwards and backwards. For Reverse Gear: stop the vehicle (brake levers are fitted on both sides of the seat frame), use the gear-stick to select reverse gear …and push and pull the steering wheel as before, this time motivating the Poirier in a rearward direction.

I’ve owned this strange contracption for fifteen years. It’s in good original unrestored condition, and I’ll fit new tyres before it’s sold.