1935 Elswick Junior Tricycle

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Elswick was a leading cycle manufacturer in the 1930s, with an excellent reputation for the paint finish on all their products. Their Junior Tricycle with pneumatic tyres was a popular model for children, suitable for ages around five to ten. There was a choice of colours – blue, maroon, green and black – and a cheaper version with solid tyres was available too.



 1935 Elswick Junior Tricycle

Pneumatic Tyre Model

14 x 1 3/8 Tyres


As you can see, this Elswick Junior Tricycle is in remarkable original condition. The Brooks Junior saddle looks new and the tricycle still retains its original box lining and transfers on the headstock, rear mudguards and chaincase.

The cheaper Solid Tyre Junior Tricycle had a  half-chaincase and no rear mudguards; this example with pneumatic tyres was Elswick’s top-of-the-range model.