1936 Adler Drei-Gang Typ 155

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1936 Adler Drei-Gang Typ 155

Original Unrestored Cosmetics

Mechanically Restored

Adler Accessory Bell

Coaster Brake

Ready to Ride

(Now sold)



With its automobile-style gear-stick, the Adler Drie-Gang (it means ‘3-Speed’) has a most distinctive appearance. It was Germany’s best-selling bottom-bracket-geared bicycle.

German bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers had help from the government in the mid-thirties so they could produce more innovative machines in an attempt to impress other countries. This was an important year for German propaganda because of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. (You may recall at this event the famous black American athlete Jesse Owens put German competitors in their place).

This style of 3-Speeders was popular in the mid thirties, and the Adler Drie-Gang had competition from the Swiss Mutaped-Phoebus gearbox, which was used by the Dutch Phoenix 3-speed bicycle.

This particular example features well-weathered cosmetics. It has never been restored and is 100% original apart from the modern retro-style cream Schwalbe balloon tyres that I recently fitted. The Bosch lighting set is untested. The Adler bell does not work, but is an excellent accessory. The Adler was recently serviced, rides well and is ready to use.