1937 Peugeot Touriste Homme

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The mid-1930s were peak production years for Peugeot, and they became France’s leading manufacturer of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Their cars were streamlined to reflect American fashion, and Peugeot was among the first volume manufacturers to apply streamlining to the extent exemplified by their 402 model. With Citroen – Peugeot’s main competitor – bought by Michelin in 1934, and Renault nationalised in 1945, Peugeot was one of the few manufacturers to retain its independence. Though the company’s main focus in these years was car production, and their bicycles were not as innovative as their turn of the century models, 1930s Peugeot bicycles were well-built and reliable, with superior fittings and fine design features. The machine featured here is typical of its range in this era.


1937 Peugeot Touriste Homme

22″ Frame

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)


After riding on the Benson Veteran Cycle Run, I bought a bicycle from my friend Peter, and was very impressed by another machine he offered me for purchase, this wonderfully preserved 1937 Peugeot Homme.

Everything about it is in first class original unrestored condition, with beautiful transfers (decals), fancy lugs, pedals featuring the Peugeot script, and the famous ‘lion’ chainwheel. The saddle is an Ideale. The paintwork is a little faded, but retains its box lining throughout. Peter has ridden this Peugeot quite a lot since he’s owned it and it’s in good mechanical order.




















1938 PEUGEOT 402

Publicité Peugeot 402 1938