1938 Sunbeam Royal Tandem


1938 Sunbeam Royal Tandem

‘Model U’

Tri-Velox 3-Speed Gear

Frame: 21″ front; 20.5″ rear

26″ Wheels

Frame No U550.0.25881

(Now sold)


This is a rare tandem. According to the book Sunbeam Cycles, the Double Gents tandem was introduced for the 1936 season, with a Lady-back version offered in addition the following year for 10/- extra. It was named the ‘Model U’ Royal Tandem in 1938. By 1940, with the outbreak of war, the model was discontinued.

This example is in excellent unrestored original condition, with all its original transfers (decals) intact. My inspection reveals only one negative point – someone during its lifetime has repainted the white section at the bottom of the rear mudguard. This was a requirement during World War 2.

The Trivelox gear is a particularly nice feature; it’s is fully functional and the Royal Sunbeam tandem is ready to ride.