1939 Condor 3-Gang (3-speed in bottom bracket)

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1939 Condor 3-Gang ‘Type 3P’

3-speed gear in bottom bracket

57cm (22.5″) Frame

28″ Wheels

Original Unrestored Cosmetics

Torpedo coaster brake (1939)

Toolbag with toolkit

(Now sold)

With its automobile-style gear-stick, the German Adler Drei-Gang had a distinctive appearance and was a market leader. It was Germany’s best-selling 3-speed bicycle.

German bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers had help from their government in the thirties to produce more innovative machines in an attempt to impress other countries and help the Nazi propaganda machine. The Adler was built using Swiss technology and its design competed with the Swiss Mutaped-Phoebus gearbox. As a result of the co-operation between the two countries, in the late 1930s Condor brought out their own version of the Adler 3-Gang for sale in Switzerland only. I can see from the inscription on the Torpedo rear hub that this is a 1939 model.

The Condor 3-speed was not made for long, and is particularly rare these days. This example retains original unrestored paintwork in good condition, though the Condor transfer (decal) on the chaincase is very faded (below). The lighting set is untested. It was recently serviced and new tyres and tubes fitted. This rare and attractive machine rides well and is ready to use.







































Courfaivre, Jura, Switzerland

In 1893, Edouard & Jule Scheffer built a factory in Courfaivre beside the river Sorne named “Scheffer Freres” (Brothers Scheffer).  The Swiss postal service and the army started buying the bicycles in 1904.
In 1901 the business became “Manufacture Suisse des Cycles et Motos” and later “Condor-Werke-AG”.
All varieties of bicycles and motorbikes were produced although i
t appears that Condor’s main business was the production of motorcycles.
Most Swiss army bicycles were produced at Condor’s workshops in Courfaivre, in the Delémont district. After 84 years of production, the last Swiss military bicycle was produced in 1989.
With the decline of it’s bicycle & motorcycle production, Condor turned to other areas and currently makes parts for the aerospace industry.





















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Condor 3-speed documents with thanks to Stefan Kappeler