1939 Hercules De-Luxe 3-Speed Roadster

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In 1934 Hercules launched a major export drive to the USA. Its 1934 catalogue is the most glamorous cycle catalogue ever produced. The bicycle featured here is the same as the Model G in the 1934 catalogue below, except that it has a 1939 Sturmey Archer ‘Model AW9’ 3-speed hub instead of the 1934 version.

I’ll email a copy of the 1934 catalogue to the successful purchaser of this bicycle.



 1939 Hercules De-Luxe 3-Speed Roadster

Model G/3

Sturmey-Archer Model AW9 Three-Speed Gears

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels 

(Now sold)


I spotted this bicycle out of the corner of my eye when I went to collect another bike from an elderly gentleman in London last week. He’d owned it for 30 years as his regular riding machine, but he agreed to sell it to me.

He has kept it in good order, and everything functions as it should. The tyres have sidewall cracks but I’ll include a new set of tyres and tubes for its new owner.

It is very original, with some box lining still intact on the original paintwork. The ‘Hercules’ name can still just about be seen on the chaincase and it has a Hercules badge on the headstock. The chrome is good too, with only a little pitting. The Miller front lamp is not wired up.

Obviously this is not a concours machine: I rarely bother with show condition bikes that I’m scared to use in case I scratch them; I much prefer bikes you can jump on and ride.

It’s an imposing and handsome machine, with valanced mudguards, full chaincase and accessory lighting set. Do you share my passion for large prewar English roadsters? Is your finger already twitching to press the buy-it-now button?

Isn’t our vintage bicycle hobby wonderful in the 21st Century – with the press of a button you can initiate the purchase of an 74-year-old classic bicycle and, after a week of me preparing, boxing and booking a courier to any location in the world, your new old bicycle will arrive on your doorstep ready to provide faithful service for at least another 74 years.

Will yours be the finger that presses the button? 🙂