1939 Monark Silver King 26X Custom (Restored)

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This custom project started as a frame, so it gave me free rein to design it as I wanted. I took my time and over the years I found a new-old-stock Dial-Your-Ride fork for it, a set of Moon Discs from Mooneyes in Los Angeles and some French hammered mudguards.


1939 Monark Silver King 26X Custom (Restored)

21″ Frame

26″ Wheels

Dial-Your-Ride front fork

‘Moon Disc’ wheel covers

Lefol hammered aluminium mudguards

Chrome 1930s plunger horn

Arliguie Devil chainguard & Cock-a-Snook mudguard emblem

1890s (repro) ‘Wheeler’ saddle

(Now sold)






































The Huffman Dial-Your-Ride bicycle sported a front fork that was bigger than any other bicycle on the road. In an era when bicycle designers were becoming increasingly adventurous with their front forks – a selling point that could make or break a bicycle – Huffman designers hit upon an ingenious reason for creating the largest fork.

You could turn the dial on the top of the fork to vary the front suspension, with a choice of four different settings. In other words, you could ‘dial your ride.’

Whether it made much difference to the quality of your ride was besides the point.

…The point was that every other kid would want to dial your ride.

Heavy Rider? Dial-Your-Ride!

Tighten spring for less road shock

Riding light? Dial-Your-Ride!

Loosen spring and glide without vibration.

Smooth roads? Dial-Your-Ride!

Adjust spring for more speed, more comfort.

Hitting bumps? Dial-Your-Ride!

Set spring for a looser, shock-absorbing, gliding ride.