1947 VAP3 48cc Moteur Auxiliaire #11125

“The first VAP cyclemotor was produced in 1942.  Designed by Pierre Verots, it was a 53cc motor that mounted alongside the rear wheel of a bicycle and was built by La Bougie BG.  The name VAP stands for Verots-Androit propulseur (Pierre Androit was the head of La Bougie BG).  La Bougie BG became ABG following a merger with Ariès.  ABG was in the Paris region – occupied France – not an ideal situation for making large numbers of cyclemotor engines.  Therefore, it was not until the end of World War 2 that the VAP was put into production.”

Fitting alongside the rear wheel, the 48cc VAP3 and VAP4 were popular and reliable cycle attachment engines in France. During the early 1950s, when new cars and motorcycles were unavailable, they were also imported and sold in Britain.

1947/1948 VAP3 48cc Moteur Auxiliaire

Engine Number #11125

The VAP3 was manufactured between 1947 and 1948, with engine numbers estimated between 5500 and 33000. This example, with engine number 11125, is in good condition. There are no fittings to attach it to a wheel – what you see is what you get.


















COMPARISON: 1944 VAP1 50cc v 1947 VAP3 48cc

Here, you can compare it with my 48cc VAP1 engine. The earlier VAP is on top in the pictures. The position of the magneto and the different carbs are the most obvious differences between the two.




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