1950s Aluminium Motor Scooter or Cycle Trailer

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1950s Aluminium Motor Scooter/Cycle Trailer


WIDTH: 14″



I’m not sure of the age of this French trailer (“remorque”) but its styling is so scooter-like that I think it must be post-WW2 rather than earlier. Though it would be quite suitable for towing behind a bicycle, with this design it would surely look best behind a motor scooter.

According to photographs I’ve seen from 1950s France, children were often conveyed in trailers behind bicycles and scooters. It has a small cushion inside, so that was no doubt its purpose. That would now be considered extremely dangerous!

Being lightweight, it would be suitable for carrying luggage. In the mid-fifties, similar trailers were built as an accessory for Jawa motorcycles in Czechoslovakia, and subsequently adopted by scooter owners. However, this example is so rare that it would probably just be used for display.

It has a steel frame and aluminium body and is in good all round condition.