1950s Maicomobil Scooter

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1950s Maicomobil Scooter

Incomplete, for restoration

(Now sold)

In the world of 1950s bulbous scooters, the Maicomobil is king. I bought one in 1984 but had to sell it in 1992 when times were hard. Perhaps that old Maicomobil now represents a nostalgia for good times and a younger me? In 2007, decided to find another one.

But that was not as easy as it might seem: they had become one of the most expensive vintage scooters in the world. I tried to buy several on German ebay needing total restoration, but my bid was left behind at the last minute. At last I had my sights set on one whose picture looks so bleak I was positive I’d be able to buy it for a reasonable sum.

Restored vintage scooters are fine and dandy; but unrestored piles of bits are real life. I wrote this as the auction had only a few hours left to run and I was biting my nails. As you can see below, its ebay showed it in Germany, in snow …and (gasp) completely naked. This is what a beautiful Maicomobil looks like under all that bulbousness.

UPDATE: Well, I won the auction, and a few weeks later it arrived safe and sound in my drive.

Buying vehicles ‘blind’ on ebay can be a risk. Buying from a foreign ebay when you don’t speak the lingo (and have to to decipher descriptions through internet translation services) is even more fraught. In this case though the Maico Mobil body and trim are better than I expected.

One advantage of buying a vehicle without an engine is that you needn’t worry about the seller telling you it’s better mechanically than it is; also, it’s definitely lighter to push around ?

A year later I sold all my scooters, and this Maicomobil project went off to a very happy collector in the USA.