1951 Jagrose Cyclemaster

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1951 Cyclemaster 26cc

on J.A. Grose Ladies’ Bicycle

21″ Frame

26″ Wheels

This Cyclemaster was purchased by Mrs Violet May Ward, of Pinner, Middlesex on 15th September 1951, from James Grose Ltd for £29 19/- 3d. Various original documentation can be seen further down the page. There’s the original logbook, and various insurance certificates and receipts from the motor tax dept relating to the above owner, dated 1956.

I actually sold this Cyclemaster in 2006, but the purchaser did not collect it as arranged. He can be excused though, as he lives in Argentina. I enjoy communicating with fellow enthusiasts around the world and we became email pen-pals. He invited me to visit him, with the Cyclemaster in my luggage, a proposal I did seriously consider; however, the arrival of our baby daughter the following year put travel plans on hold. After storing it for three years, I refunded him in 2010 and decided to keep it.

Grose bicycles are not that common, and this one is in excellent original condition, with – as you can see above and below – its transfers very well-preserved. The machine is, in all respects, a very good original example, cosmetically unrestored.



379-381 Euston Rd, London, NW1

James Grose put their own badges onto bicycles supplied to them by other well-known manufacturers (a common practice).

The badge name for cycles supplied by James Grose Ltd was Jagrose.

When the Cyclemaster was launched in 1951, Grose also started supplying cyclemotors for customer to fit themselves. This advert illustrates a Cyclemaster at £27 10/- and Minimotor for £21. Or you could purchase one with the engine already fitted, as in the example presented here.



It’s also easy to start by running a short distance with it and lifting the rear wheel.


I used to restore classic cars in 2006, and you can see the Cyclemaster, above, leaning on the 1951 Austin A90 Atlantic that I sold soon after …two 1951 vehicles that were very much at opposite ends of the motoring spectrum.






New Bridge St, Ludgate Circus, London EC4

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1937 Scott Cyc-Auto – George Grose