1951 Travis Bike Motor

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1951 Travis Bike Motor

(Now sold)

Power Products offered two models of the Travis Motor kit.  This one features the larger gas tank with the 1.5 hp motor.

The other model had a smaller gas tank with a 1 hp motor.

Both models offered an optional all chrome finish.  In 1949, the kits retailed from $69.99 to $89.99.



Travis Products Co
224 West Huron Street, Chicago 10, Illinois

Weighs 17 lbs
2-cycle 1.5 HP motor
External throttle made by Tyco Chicago
150 miles/gallon
Aluminum cylinder with cast-iron sleeve; cast aluminum piston
Drop-forged crankshaft; fully counter-balanced
Self-contained magneto
Made in Chicago, Illinois by Power Products

The Travis Bike Motor was a nifty invention, hitting the American market in 1949, at the same time as British cyclists were starting to fit Trojan Mini-Motors, and later Cyclemasters, Powerpaks and Winged Wheels to their bicycles to give them a bit more ooomph up hills on their daily commutes.


Travis seems to have over-estimated demand and, long past its sell-by date, the engine was still being plugged in Popular Mechanics Magazine. The above advewrt is from 1956 andf the one below from 1958.