1954 BSA Gents ‘Model 615 WW’ with Webb Forks

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The most popular of all the special cyclemotor cycles, the BSA was primarily intended for use with the BSA Winged Wheel engine.  It was sold as a complete machine with a Winged Wheel already fitted but could also be bought without a rear wheel as the brochure said “for use with Motorised Wheels of all types”, which would have meant a Cyclemaster.  A third version was sold as a frame and forks but with no wheels or brakes.  This version could be built up to take any cyclemotor.  This third version was considerably cheaper because, unlike the other two, it was not subject to Purchase Tax.

Unlike other cyclemotor frames, the BSA had a Webb spring fork.  A cable-operated stirrup brake was the standard fitting, but a calliper or a drum brake were available as options.  The three versions were available as gents’ or ladies’ frames, making six models altogether. In addition, all six models were also produced with New Hudson or Sunbeam badges.

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While girder spring forks were used on motorcycles, apart from early prototypes twhich were tested on bicycles before being adaptred for motorcycle use, they were not fitted to British bicycles.

H.C Webb & Co supplied sprung forks for motorcycles from the 1920s onwards. When the Cyclemaster was introduced after World War 2, they built a new lightweight version of their motorcycle spring fork specially for bicycles. It was available already fitted to BSA’s ‘Model 615 WW’ or could be supplied separately.

1954 BSA Gents ‘Model 615 WW’ with Webb Forks

20″ Frame

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)

This BSA with Webb spring fork would have originally been sold with its rear wheel fitted with a Winged Wheel engine. The Winged Wheel had an inbuilt brake so a separate rear brake was not necessary on the bicycle. Webb included a front brake with their spring fork, as fitted to this bicycle.

This example is in sound condition but requires (an easy) restoration. It was hand painted red some decades ago. It needs new tyres, a rear sprocket and chain.













H. C. WEBB and Co

Century Works, Aston Brook Street, Birmingham