1955 BSA Winged Wheel with Webb Spring Fork

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Special BSA Winged Wheel Frame with Webb Spring Fork


1955 BSA Winged Wheel with Webb Spring Fork

Original BSA ‘615 WW’ Frame

35cc with pedal start

Registered PUY 176 (with V5C registration document)

26″ Wheels

Winged Wheels were either sold complete in a wheel, ready to instal into any bicycle  or as a complete machine using a special BSA frame. Observe the original BSA frame’s angled top tube and the Webb Spring Fork.

The machine is in superb original unrestored running condition and has a current V5C registration document. As you can see in the video it’s ready to ride.





The BSA Winged Wheel made its debut in 1953. But within a year the writing was on the wall. New-fangled things called ‘mopeds’ were suddenly all the rage – they were faster, more stable and had gears.

Nevertheless, the Winged Wheel did have the irrefutable name of B.S.A behind it, and no doubt many were sold because of this.

Actually, BSA’s forays into the moped market were not the company’s most successful strategies (the Dandy and the Beagle are prime examples)

The Winged Wheel was the only ‘powerwheel’ available to the British market besides the Cyclemaster. So although, by 1955, cycle attachments were being displaced by mopeds, the Winged Wheel did hang in there for a few years and quite a few were sold.





















BSA WINGED WHEEL Instruction Manual











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