1955 Goggo Scooter 200/II

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1955 Goggo Scooter 200/II

(Now sold)



When I was young, the name ‘Goggomobil’ invoked imaginary journeys in exotic vehicles. Like ‘Timbuktu’ and ‘Kathmandhu,’ it’s just one of those magic words that lets the imagination fly. Although I like the style of the Goggomobil microcar, I like the Goggo scooter much more.


Glas was a company established in 1883 in Bavaria; they made agricultural machinery under the name Isaria. After the War, there was considerably less demand for their products.

At an agricultural machinery show in Modena, Italy, the junior director Andreas Glas observed the popularity of scooters. Once back in Germany his team immediately started work designing a German scooter. Poduction started in 1951. Goggo was the name of the youngest child in the Glas family. The first machine used a 125cc Ilo engine.


The Goggo scooter was not particularly graceful, but was solid and robust, which was exactly what the market needed. In Germany, it was one of the most popular scooters of its era. Later models used 150cc and then 200cc engines.

In its production run between July 1951 and December 1956, 46,181 machines were sold. As a result of its success the Glas-Isaria company went on to manufacture Goggomobil cars.


According to the German logbook, this particular Goggo 200/II Scooter left the assembly line on 28/7/54 and was first registered on 26/4/55 with only one owner recorded. I bought it in Germany and put it on the road in 2006. I sold it in 2008.