1960s-80s Urania Long John Cargo Bike + 1930s Royal Enfield Lawnmower

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A Long John cargo bike is an impressive piece of kit. I purchased this one in 2007. The previous owner got it fifteen years before from a Copenhagen dockyard that had closed down; he told me there were 100 of them there for sale. I believe the sign translates as ‘machine workshop.’

The weak point on a Long John is, as you might expect, the bottom of the steering column. This one needs some welding there. I’ve not done anything with this beast apart from replace its saddle. I dragged it out of storage in January 2012 when my Royal Enfield lawnmower was delivered: the lawnmower fitted perfectly on the Long John’s cargo tray, and I took the photos below before putting it back into storage.


 1960s-80s Urania Long John Cargo Bike + 1930s Royal Enfield Lawnmower









 Long Johns have been made in Denmark for over 70 years. SCO (Smith & Co), of Odense, Denmark, were one of the original manufacturers. In the mid-fifties, they also made Sachs-powered SCO autocycles.

 Urania was one of many companies that manufactured Long Johns. After Smith & Co took over Urania in the 1960′s, SCO Long Johns used a Urania badge. Urania Cykler is still a major bicycle company in Denmark. Below you can see one of their prewar motorcycles, a 1937 model with 98cc Fichtel & Sachs engine. (The US98 was the Gents frame, while UD98 was the Ladies model)