1978 Raleigh Superbe All-Chrome ‘Boss Bike’

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I collect pre-1920s bicycles; I also buy and sell bicycles, mostly later ones. I try not to buy post-1920s bicycles for my own collection. But certain machines are so unique, iconic and rare that if I’ve previously made any rules …I must break them immediately. This Boss Bike is such a bike.

I found this fabulous shiny beast when I was sciving off my daily beach duty while on holiday with my wife and daughter in Mexico. In case you’ve not yet realised, I am an internet junky with a preference for vintage bicycles, and I am constantly plugged in to various worldwide sites, including American ebay. My compromise for a family holiday to a beach resort was a few hours each day in the internet area; in this case, if I arrived immediately after breakfast I could bag a bed in the upmarket ‘club’ area, some of which were close enough to the wifi to pick up a signal, and i could luxuriate on the beach checking ebay America, etc on the ipad. This was Xmas 2011, and this Raleigh had not sold on American ebay, so I tendered an off-ebay offer and, after several emails to and fro, the deal was done. I paypalled funds and went back to help my daughter make a sandcastle. Oh I do so love the 21st century…

1978 Raleigh Superbe All-Chrome ‘Boss Bike’

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels