1926 Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen (28″ Frame)

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Then, as now, enthusiasts sometimes ask why a Sunbeam is more expensive than other bicycles that might, from outward appearances, seem similar. The company explained why it was worth investing in one of the world’s most expensive bicycles:

“Experience shows that one Sunbeam will easily outlast from three to six of the low-grade machines, so it is by far the cheapest in the end even from a point of view of cost.”

The obvious confirmation of their opinion is the fact that, 94 years later, this Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen is still on the road and in excellent condition, with its original paintwork and transfers (decals) intact.

But just how long will a Sunbeam last? – I’m sure that, 94 years still further on, in the 22nd century, vintage bicycle enthusiasts will still be celebrating Golden Sunbeams and their longevity 🙂


1926 Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen

2-speed epicyclic gear

Tall 28″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 151739


I’ve known about this tall 28″ frame Golden Sunbeam for several years, but have only just managed to buy it from my friend. It retains its original paintwork, with box lining and transfers (decals) intact. The celluloid on the right handlebar grip has loosened; it can be glued. I also have a replacement grip as an alternative solution. It’s a Golden model, so both grips have removable caps displaying the Sunbeam name; the left grip has a clear plastic insert inside. The Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen is in very good preserved condition and ready to ride.