1922 Gnom (Horex) 62.5cc 4-Stroke

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1922 Gnom (Horex) Cycle Attachment Engine 62.5cc 4-Stroke

on Torpedo Cycle

(Now sold)

Manufactured in Oberursel, Germany by Horex-Columbia between 1921 and 1923.

Very Rare German ‘Hilfsmotor” Restored and Running Order.

Freidrich Kleeman, who owned the Rex Tin Glass Co of Bad Homburg, Germany, purchased a local engine company COLUMBUS MOTORENBAU AG of Oberursel.

In 1921, his son Fritz built the Gnom cycle-attachment. This 62.5cc four-stroke engine was well built and had a very good reputation.

With the success of this first engine, in 1923 Fritz manufactured a 250cc OHV engine and turned the company into HOREX-FAHRZEUGBAU AG to market his new motorcycles as Horex.

Horex motorcycles ran until 1957 when it was taken over by Daimler-Benz.

I sold this machine in 2011.