1886 Pausey Pioneer Cross-Frame Safety

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1886 was a pivotal year in the evolution of personal transport, not only for bicycle patents, but the first car was patented too, on 29th January, 1886. This was Karl Benz’s Benz Patent Motorwagen, the world’s first successful petrol-powered car.

1886 Pausey Pioneer Cross-Frame Safety

(Now sold)

I sold this machine in 2010. At the time I was told it was a Pausey, but I’ve never found an illustration of this model to absolutely confirm it. Whatever it is, with its smaller front wheel and Trigwell steering head similar to an ordinary, it’s a very interesting early safety bicycle.





1885 H. J. PAUSEY

Bedford Rd, Clapham, London 

Herbert Pausey manufactured ordinaries between 1879 and 1886 and, from around 1887 he traded as Pausey & Co at 52 Park Rd, Clapham.

He patented a number of innovative devices, including a bicycle that could be converted into a tandem.

One of his 1885 Pioneer Safety models had spring-loaded steering; another model was the ‘Pioneer Direct-Steerer Racer’ tricycle; while the 1886 ‘Pioneer Portable Direct-Steering Racer’ could be disassembled and packed into a canvas bag.

His 1889 ‘Pioneer Safety’ had a divided diamond frame.