1890s Harrington ‘Arab Spring’ Saddle Support with Leather Top

1890s Harrington ‘Arab Spring’ Saddle Support

with Lamplugh & Brown Long Distance Saddle











Manufacturer of ‘Arab’ high-wheelers from Ryde, Isle of Wight, from 1878-80, then from 18 and 20 Norman’s Buildings, St Luke’s, London, and Stewart Street Wolverhampton in 1880 then from Much Park Street, Coventry, from c.1882-86. The ‘Arab’ tricycle was introduced in 1881. Also made the ‘Black Bess’ and ‘Magnet’.

A patent for Improvements in Bicycles and Tricycles was applied for (1878/1137) as well as Improvements in velocipedes, partly applicable to other purposes (1878/3858), others relating to bearings (1879/190 and 1879/869) and another for springs and saddles (1879/3849). The latter resulted in the ‘Arab’ cradle spring saddle. The firm merged with W. Middlemore, saddlers, in May 1889. [from Ray Miller’s Encyclopaedia]