1894 Bridgeport Cyclometer (Bridgeport Gun Implement Co)


There has been a flurry of interest in Parker shotguns as a result of Annie Oakley’s first Parker selling recently for nearly $300,000 at auction. The 1893 16-gauge Parker hammer shotgun (above) is thought to be Oakley’s first proper gun and came to be one of her favourites.

Although this Parker is obviously at the top end of antique investments, even upmarket gun collectors also enjoy searching for more mundane items, such as the accessories needed to maintain such a gun. B.G.I CO (Bridgeport Gun Implement Co) was a major supplier to the arms industry and provided gun cleaning tools to Parker. Cleaning rods were made for the Parker in hickory, rosewood or ebony.

Bridgeport Gun Implement Co 3

The company made many other items too, including police whistles, golf clubs and balls…

BGICO Bridgeport Gun Implement Co

…and, like many such businesses with established factories or workshops as well as a distribution network, when the bicycle boom came along, the Bridgeport Gun Implement Co was in a good position to make and sell cycle accessories.

Their prime product was an upmarket cyclometer with a bell that rang at every mile, which was patented on 18th December 1894.


1894 Bridgeport Cyclometer

Manufactured by the Bridgeport Gun Implement Co

Bridgeport, CT, USA

For 28″ Wheels

(Now sold)


The novel feature of this 28″ wheel Bridgeport Cyclometer is that the bell rings on completion of each mile.