1895 Gormully & Jeffery ‘Model D’ Ladies Rambler

1895 Gormully & Jeffery ‘Model D’ Ladies Rambler

This delightful Ladies Rambler is in excellent original condition …just think, this is a 116-year-old vehicle, and it still has its original paint and is totally usable.

Identifying and dating unknown bicycles can be extremely difficult. So when I find a 115-year-old machine that’s not only complete, but also displaying such an abundance of information …it’s love at first sight 🙂

The last patent date – in this case, 1894 – is the year the model was manufactured. That can be the actual year, or the year prior to, its catalogue appearance. I have an 1893 Gormully & Jeffery catalogue, which illustrates a Model A and Model B. So it’s likely that this Model D is from 1894. But I’ve not found an 1894 catalogue yet to confirm.


Who wouldn’t want to ride and own so beautiful a wheel as the Rambler Bicycle?

– Just so, and when you ride a Rambler you feel that no amount of money could have bought a better wheel.

People of good taste know that.



The string skirt-guard not only forms part of the chaincase (above) but also substitutes for rear mudguard stays (below).

The tyres are 28 x 1 1/2 pneumatic single tube type: the inner tube is built into the tyre, and they are glued onto the rim.


Like their bicycles, Gormully & Jefferey pneumatic tyres were heavily promoted at the time. They make amusing reading now. I particularly like the byline in the G&J tyre advert below, from ‘Bicycling for Girls’ –

‘I am recommending the bicycle indiscriminately as a general mode of exercise, particularly to the weak, nervous, and poorly nourished of either sex.’



Canoodling by Falmer village pond…

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