1895 Maywood Double Diamond (Cash Buyers’ Union)

Some of the first diamond frame safety bicycles were open frame designs, and they were popular around 1889 in Britain. There was a lot of competition in the USA in the mid-1890s to produce a bicycle that stood out from the crowd, and the open frame design with duplex tubing – also known as a Double Diamond – certainly did the trick. It is one of the most unusual bicycles made!

In my opinion, it was created in order to avoid dependence on tube manufacturers and the patent fees required when a regular bicycle was sold. The narrow diameter solid bar and connecting joints used in this design provide an interesting alternative.

1895 Maywood Double Diamond

Duplex tubing and open frame chainwheel design

Cash Buyers’ Union

23.5″ Frame

28″ Wheels with solid tyres

(Now sold)

This rare and intriguing Maywood Double Diamond, with duplex tubing on the top tubes, seat tubes and down tubes, is a medium weight machine in good original condition. Its headbadge is missing, but is otherwise complete. It’s so unusual that it is really a museum piece, but it’s fully functional and ready to ride.