1895 New Mail Safety (Wm Read & Sons, Boston, USA)

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In 1826 William Read and Edward Lane opened a ‘Gun Store’  in Dock Square, Boston Mass. After the death of Mr. Lane, in 1849, William Read took over the business, and in 1854 the firm name was changed to William Read and Sons. The store specialized in military arms and sporting goods. During the Civil War, William Read supplied the Union Troops with most of their guns and ammunition.

The Business continued to grow and with the company’s expansion the business moved from 107 to 364 Washington street. The six floor building was home to the New ‘Read Sporting Goods Store’. A line of bicycles was added to the company’s inventory in the 1890s. To attract customers to the new store, Read sold reserved seats to all ball games played at Braves Field. In 1921 Wm Read & sons was taken over by the Winchester Company of New Haven Connecticut. J. Bertran Read, president of the firm since 1896, continued with the Winchester management as vice-president. A short lived line of Wm Read & Sons baseball bats were made from the turn of the 19 century to about 1916.

1895 New Mail Safety

Wm Read & Sons, Boston, USA

22″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)