1896 Terrot a Chaine Lavigne


Terrot introduced their new Lavigne chain in June 1895, and it was used extensively until 1908. Its positive, triangular, teeth fitted into rollers on the chainwheel and sprocket, and was claimed to wear less, be quieter and require less energy.

1896 Terrot a Chaine Lavigne

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 75146

Terrot Saddle

(Now sold)

This Terrot with Lavigne chain is a rare early model, distinguisgable by its first pattern chainwheel (superseded in 1897 by a different design). The headbadge is another indicator of its age: the style of badge continued until 1905, but this early version only mentions ‘Cycles’ whereas the words ‘motorcycles’ and ‘automobiles’ were included on subsequent years’ headbadges. The machine is in good original unrestored condition. Its 100-year-old tyres hold air but are for display only and would need to be replaced for riding. The handlebar grips have been replaced. The only negative point is a missing oiler on the front hub. The Terrot named saddle is as rare as the bicycle itself.
























ABOVE: Van Den Born on his Terrot a chaîne Lavigne in 1902

BELOW: Female racing cyclists were paid to endorse the Simpson Chain, which competed with Terrot Lavigne.