1898 Marriott ‘Hunter’ 29″ Roadster

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1898  ‘Hunter’ Roadster

Marriott Cycle Co

Tall 29″ Frame

28″ Wheels

38″ Standover Height

(Now sold)

Any bicycle frame over 26″ was generally built to special order, although some companies did stock and advertise 28″ frames. This machine has a 29″ frame, which definitely would have been built to an individual customer’s requirements. It would suit a customer with an inside leg measurement from 36″ upwards. The stand over height is 38″ (distance from the ground to the crossbar).

The machine itself is in good mechanical order. It is a freewheel with front plunger brake. The rear mudguard needs replacing, and I’ll also fit a different front plunger brake rubber. (The current one works well and was fitted by the previous owner, but I have now obtained one of the correct style)










Hay Mills, Birmingham

The proprietor was John Marriott. This company retained a London showroom in 71 Queen Street, Cheapside, although the works were at 16 Sampson Road North, and later at Hay Mills, Birmingham. Roadsters, racing machines, front drivers and tricycles were produced. In 1891 a special feature was the adjustment for the chain by a small lever. The lever was bored to receive the spindle and on releasing the nut the chain could be tightened. The ‘Marriott’ No.3 in 1892 incorporated an interesting and patented means of adjusting the chain. A steel disc on the rear spindle had a marked dial; behind it there was a short lever, through which the spindle passed and is held by an outer lock nut. The lower end of the lever is pivoted to the fork end below the usual rear fork slot. The machine was priced at £24 3s. The company started to use large tubes in its frames from 1893.