1899 Peugeot Freres a Valentigney ‘Bicyclette Extra’

This bicycle was manufactured when Peugeot was still located at their original manufacturing plant, in Valentigney (above). The Valentigney badged machines are the most valued by collectors.


1899 Peugeot Freres a Valentigney ‘Bicyclette Extra’

Front Plunger Brake & Cable-operated Rear Rim Brake 

Peugeot ‘Lion’ Frame Bag

Rat-trap Pedals

Lightweight: 29lbs 

Inch Pitch Chainwheel

Fixed Wheel, geared to 81″

22.5″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)


1899 Peugeot Racer 05

This rare turn-of-the-century road-racing machine comes from my friend Ray. He told me: ‘It has a Peugeot Lion frame bag and a French licence plate [above the headbadge]. It only weighs 29lb. I’ve raced it at Herne Hill, Eastleigh, and elsewhere and it’s easily the fastest machine of its era that I have ridden. Geared to 81″ the fixed wheel cog was made for it. The seat tube is sleeved for the seat post (I needed a longer seat post) and it has been re-spoked. Otherwise it is original.’

Since getting it from Ray, and since these photos were taken, it has been fitted with an earlier saddle.

Peugeot was a leading cycle manufacturer from the 1890s onwards. Their cycles were built with quality in mind and components, made by the company themselves, were innovative. Observe the early rear brake calliper set-up on this machine, which is advanced for its era. Like other French bicycles of this time, the chainwheel is inch pitch. As you can see from the 1901 Peugeot catalogue, the company had already introduced a motorised quadricycle (automobile), as well as a de Dion Powered motorised tricycle. Nevertheless, bicycles still ruled the roads. State-of-the-art transportation for 1899, this is a serious machine that’s road-tested and ready to ride.





























The photo above illustrates the earlier saddle now fitted to the Peugeot.









1899 Peugeot Racer 99