1900 Pierce Men’s Chainless


When most of the American cycle manufacturers formed a trust in 1899 to monopolise the US cycle industry, Pierce was one of the few companies to retain their independence. Their chainless model, patented in 1898 and put onto the market in 1900, was one of the main competitors for the top selling Columbia Chainless. Pierce made top quality expensive bicycles using their own patent components, becoming one of the most respected U.S cycle manufactures of the early 20th century.

1900 Pierce Men’s Chainless

‘Model 294’

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Mesinger ‘Supreme’ Racer Saddle 

Corbin ‘Model 8’ Coaster brake

(Now sold)

This Pierce Chainless is an older restoration in very good all round working order. The Pierce patent handlebar can be changed from a racing drop style to an upright roadster style in just a minute by releasing the square nut on top of the stem. With steel rims that take regular pneumatic tyres, matching rat trap pedals, Corbin coaster brake and a Messenger racing saddle, the Pierce is suitable for displays at vintage events as well as being a practical machine for regular daily riding.











































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