1904 Dursley Pedersen Gentlemen’s Royal Roadster (Size 6)

1904 Dursley Pedersen Gentleman’s Royal Roadster

Three-Speed Dursley Pedersen Gears

Lea Francis patent aluminium pedals made for Pedersen

Felt grips

Pedersen patent rear carrier rack

Size 6

28″ Wheels with Roman (Aluminium) Rims

Frame No 2094 – 6

(Now sold)

This Gentlemen’s Dursley Pedersen is in superb condition throughout, apart from being a bit muddy from where my friend has been riding it; it also needs new saddle springs, which I’ll fit next week (see the originals further down the page).

The aluminium Lea Francis patent pedals and the felt grips were both upmarket accessories and are particularly attractive. The machine was restored by Dave Watts (known as ‘The Sunbeam Doctor’) around 20 years ago and is still in good shape. The ivory and agate embellishment fitted to the top steering head nut was also made by Dave – it prevents a rider being damaged by the nut should he lurch forward while riding!
























I’ll replace the springs with originals, below