1910 Halford Club Roadster

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RUSHBROOKE & Co: Frederick William Rushbrooke started the company as a hardware merchant in 1892 in Charlotte Street, Birmingham. A move was made to 30 Moor Street in 1894 and about this time Frederick Dale Tippets was engaged as general manager. Rushbrooke was a keen cyclist and the company took a stand at the Stanley Cycle Show in 1897. It seems likely that at this stage the company probably bought-in cycles and cycle fittings although it is known that a ‘Tom Thumb’ juvenile tricycle was made for the company. In 1900 a Mr George Smith was engaged who had previously been with the Enfield Manufacturing Co., the Albert Eadie Chain Co. and the New Comet Cycle Co.

In 1902 it was decided to open a branch, primarily to sell cycle fittings and parts to the trade. The branch was at 9 Halford Street, Leicester. This venture foundered but the sale of the stock was so successful it was decided to open a shop and the new business was called the Halford Cycle Co, though it was not until 1907, after eight more shops had been added and the business merged with another, that Halford Cycle Co. Ltd was formed.

1910 Halford Club Roadster

with Eadie coaster & front pull-up brake

26″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

This gorgeous old roadster is in lovely unrestored cosmetic condition and first class mechanically. The fittings are all upmarket, just as the Halfords catalogue claims: “The Halford Cycle Co do not keep old stock, but everything of the best”.

I’ve not seen an early Halfords catalogue published before so I’ve scanned quite a lot of it for this page.