1908 Special Triumph No. 4B Lady’s


The cheapest lady’s bicycle in Triumph’s regular model range was the ‘Special’ which sold for £8 10/- The ‘Royal’ and ‘Imperial’ were more expensive. The ‘Imperial’ had a different frame style.

The ‘Standard’ range of Triumphs were shown in a separate catalogue, with the price of the Standard Lady’s at £6 19/- 9d (that price difference of £1 10/- 3d equates to around £150 in today’s money).

Although the Standard Triumph range did not actually appear together with the Special, Royal and Imperial, I have created a comparison chart below to compare these four Triumph models. Note that the Standard catalogue illustration shows that the price is for the United Kingdom only; prices varied in the British Colonies.


1908 Standard Triumph 99

1908 Special Triumph

No. 4B Lady’s

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels (36 spoke front; 40 spoke rear)

Eadie Coaster Brake

Frame No 128196

(Now sold)

The Special Triumph was the cheapest in Triumph’s regular model range. The Lady’s 23″ frame was designated ‘No 4B.’

While the cheapest ‘Standard’ allowed no deviation from catalogue specification, the regular models had various options. This example has a coaster brake (5/- extra) and roller lever front rim brake.

This example was restored in the 1980s and has been very well preserved since. The chaincase was rebuilt (in leatherette) and the frame repainted. It features beautiful nickel handlebars, fork crown and pedals, split Triumph pedals, Triumph hubs, and the correct wheel designation, i.e. 40 spoke rear and 36 spoke front. It has been recently serviced, with new tyres and tubes and is ready to ride.






















1906 triumph tandem 1 copy

1906 triumph tandem 2