1910 Mohawk Ladies X Frame


1910 Mohawk Ladies X Frame

Sold by T Vickery of South Ealing

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels


This X frame design is similar to Raleigh’s version except for the lugs on the cross tubes. Other parts, such as the seat stay, rear drop outs and steering lock are different too. The steering lock is similar to that used on Swifts. It was restored by the previous owner, Chris, who told me that he used stainless wheels and a later handlebar and chainwheel, but that the frame was as we see it here.

It was originally built by a small cycle shop in South Ealing who had an agency for Mohawk bicycles. Chris bought it from that shop before it closed down. It’s very similar to the 1901 Mohawk illustrated in the advertisement below, except that the cross tube does not continue through to the rear axle.

The Mohawk X frame – the only known survivor of this brand – is in excellent all round condition and ready to ride.