1910 Gentlemen’s Diamond Royal with Dursley Pedersen 3 speed gear

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1910s Gentlemen’s Diamond Royal

Dursley Pedersen 3 speed gear

with BSA gear trigger

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels


Dursley Pederen’s diamond frame model is shrouded in mystery. It is believed they had a connection with the Star Cycle Co, who went out of business in 1909. It’s rumoured that Pedersen bought most of the equipment and stock from Star Cycle Co, and that the Pedersen diamond frames and loop frame bicycles were built by Star, with some Star components and some Pedersen components used according to supply.

Though it has a Pedersen 3-speed gear and the chainwheel is similar to those fitted to the more common Dursley Pedersen Cantiveler frame bicycles, I can not prove conclusively that this is a Pedersen.

I can trace the history of this example back to the early 1980s, when the bicycle was restored and repainted, and the 3-speed gear renovated by John Pinkerton. It has been owned by a friend Dave in Bristol for many years, until recently. It’s in good all round condition, has recently been serviced after its years in storage, and is ready to ride.