1910 BSA Fittings Road Racer

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Assembled from ‘A’ pattern (Road-Racing) BSA Fittings, this bicycle is exceedingly popular for racing and fast road riding purposes. The frame can be built either for 26in or 28in wheels, and with sloping or parallel top tube as desired.

– BSA Fittings catalogue description

BSA Fittings kick-started the cycle industry in many countries around the world, but particularly in Australia, New Zealand and France. A BSA company report in 1909 revealed that while there was a demand for complete BSA bicycles in Britain, there was still a preference for BSA Fittings around the world. Many local shops built bicycles from BSA fittings in Britain too.

In 1908 BSA bought the Eadie Fittings Co, so from then on they advertised Eadie and BSA parts together, as seen above on my large (6 ft x 4 ft) 1908 – 1910 BSA Fittings enamel sign.


1910 Road Racer built from BSA Fittings

with Sloping Top Tube (1″ Drop)

Thumb lever front brake

Eadie coaster brake

23.5″ Frame

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)

The BSA Fittings road racer was one of the most popular bicycles of its day. It could be built from supplied parts by any competent cycle builder and, despite having top quality components, was half the price of a comparative machine sold by the well-known companies.

The sloping top tube on this example has a one inch drop, the top tube being 33″ above the ground under the seat post, and 32″ above the ground at the steering head end. There are a few minor things wrong with it: some dents in the handlebar, the steering lock doesn’t tighten, one of the grips has minor cracks at the front, and the front hub is later. It’s an older restoration with good paint and fitted with an Olympic racing style saddle. The Eadie coaster brake works well, as does the front rim brake …which is activated by an unusual thumb action lever (This is also illustrated in the 1910 BSA Fittings catalogue shown further down the page). I took it for a spin over the fields and through the bluebells on Friday and everything works as it should – this 111-year-old BSA is ready to ride.




1914 bsa badge


1914 bsa badge


1914 bsa badge





1914 bsa badge




1914 bsa badge


1914 bsa badge